Types of Trees

We have five varieties of Christmas Trees available this year:

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Cedar--The cedar is a native Florida tree with compact branches of dark green, short needles.  It has a natural pyramidal shape and wonderful aroma.




Sand Pine--The sand pine is a native Florida pine with medium-length soft needles.  The trees are pruned frequently to produce full, dense foliage.  A fresh-cut tree provides a robust pine aroma.



Spruce Pine--The spruce pine has medium-length needles and dense foliage.  It has a rich pine aroma and is a customer favorite.



 Carolina Sapphire--The Carolina Sapphire is a specialty tree with natural blue-green foliage and a dense shape. Because we have a very limited number of these trees and they grow slowly to maturity, we have priced each of them individually. SOLD OUT FOR THIS YEAR




Leyland Cypress--The Leyland cypress is a hybrid tree with foliage of irregularly flat planes with a dark green color on heavy branches.  They have little aroma and may be less irritating for persons with allergies to the pines.  VERY LIMITED NUMBER REMAINING



Want a tree you can plant?--We have  "Robin Blue" cedar trees in pots that you can plant outdoors after Christmas. The trees are approximately 3' tall with a 1' pot that can be decorated for Christmas.  These trees are priced at $12.95 each.  We also have Carolina Sapphire trees in pots for $15.95 and we have larger trees in pots that are priced as marked.



The trees are planted on approximately 15 acres.  Below is a map of the farm.


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