Types of Trees

We have four varieties of Christmas Trees available this year:

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Cedar--The cedar is a native Florida tree with compact branches of dark green, short needles.  It has a natural pyramidal shape and wonderful aroma. 

                    Also available in pots.



Sand Pine--The sand pine is a native Florida pine with medium-length soft needles.  The trees are pruned frequently to produce full, dense foliage.  A fresh-cut tree provides a robust pine aroma.



Spruce Pine--The spruce pine has medium-length needles and dense foliage.  It has a rich pine aroma and is a customer favorite.



 Carolina Sapphire--The Carolina Sapphire is a specialty tree with natural blue-green foliage and a dense shape.  Sorry, none of these available this year.




Leyland Cypress--The Leyland cypress is a hybrid tree with foliage of irregularly flat planes with a dark green color on heavy branches.  They have little aroma and may be less irritating for persons with allergies to the pines.  VERY LIMITED NUMBER REMAINING




 Want a tree you can plant?--We have "Robin Blue" cedar trees in pots that you can decorate now and plant outdoors after Christmas. The trees are approximately 5' to 7' tall (including the pot).   These trees are individually priced starting at $49.95.






The trees are planted on approximately 15 acres.  Below is a map of the farm.


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