Tree Stands

For the convenience of our customers we stock several styles of Christmas Tree Stands.

  We try to price our stands at or below local retail store prices.
* All prices plus 7.5% sales tax.


This stand is made of welded metal with sturdy "Christmas Tree" shape legs for stability and many years of service.

For trees 4 to 12 ft.        $50.00   



This stand has bolts with end caps to secure your tree and is easy to adjust.  It has a deep water reservoir and a lip to catch any overflow.

Medium--For trees up to 8 ft.       $25.00

Large--For trees up to 10 ft.         $30.00  



This is a lighter-weight stand in a cone shape with four screws.   It is rated to hold a tree up to 7.5 ft.



These heavy-duty stands easily adjust to the size of the trunk of your tree to provide trouble-fee setup. We have it in 2 sizes.

Large Express--for trees up to 10 ft.              $30.00

Medium Express--for trees up to 8 ft.             $25.00



These stands have a 3-prong rebar base that screws into the bottom of the tree after it has been drilled (we can drill the tree for you).  The bowl is a flexible plastic that will hold water for your tree.  It comes in two sizes:

Large--22" legs, 10 qt. bowl     $25.00

Medium--18" legs, 10 qt. bowl  $21.00


We also have other styles available to accommodate any size tree.

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