Fresh Tree Hints

Choosing and Cutting Your Tree

  See our "Tree Types" page to help you decide what variety of tree you like best.  Of course, when you arrive at the farm you will want to walk around through the fields to choose your Christmas Tree.  Be sure to wear sturdy shoes for walking around the farm to protect your feet from  briars, cactus, stumps, holes, etc.

   When choosing your tree, keep in mind the location and size of the space where you will display the tree.  The trees don't look as tall in the field as they will in your home!  If you want to be certain the tree is the right height, we have measuring poles you can use in your hunt for the perfect tree.

    When cutting your tree, cut as close to the ground as possible.  We purposely trim off the bottom branches of our trees as they grow so you will have a nice "handle" to fit into your tree stand.  Don't take a chance of ruining the shape of your beautiful tree by cutting too close to the bottom branches and then having to remove them to fit into a stand.


Caring For Your Fresh Tree

    To keep your tree fresh and beautiful throughout the Christmas season, be certain to keep the trunk in water at all times.  Even if you are not going to decorate it right away, put it in water as soon as you get it home.  (HINT:  use warm water to help the tree absorb it more quickly)  Check the water level frequently--a fresh tree can absorb a gallon of water a day!  We are frequently asked if anything should be added to the water to prolong the freshness of the tree, but from university tests that were done it was concluded that nothing added worked better than plain water. 

   Place the tree away from heat sources.  Choose a spot that is not near a furnace duct or fireplace that would cause it to dry out more quickly.

    Use a tree stand that is stable enough for the tree you have selected.  We have a selection of tree stands and will help you choose one that is best for your tree.

Recycle Your Tree After Christmas

   Many communities have curb-side pickup for recycling your tree.  Other recycling suggestions are:

Real Trees vs. Fake Trees

  There is a misconception that using Real Christmas Trees is a threat to the environment.  The fact is that using a real tree is an environment-friendly way to celebrate the season.  Real Christmas trees are grown as a crop and new trees are planted every year to replace those that have been cut.  As the trees grow, they take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen to clean the air we breathe--young, rapidly-growing trees produce the most oxygen.  Fields of real trees also help to prevent soil erosion and provide a habitat for wildlife.

    On the other hand, "fake" trees present a number of environmental hazards:  PVC from which they are made is a petroleum product which is a non-renewable resource, the fake trees actually are a greater fire hazard than a fresh real tree, and when the fake trees are disposed of they add to our landfills and take many years to deteriorate.  For more information on this subject see this webpage

We hope you will choose a Real Christmas Tree and encourage your friends to do the same!

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